The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame

With a horse breed as outstanding and so highly recognised as the American Quarter Horse, they deserve to be in the hall of fame, which they do and its called the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum or AQHA for short.

It wasn’t until 1940 that it was determined that the preservation of the history and recognition of the American Quarter Horse had to be established. This was a task that was taken head on by a group of ranchers who had the ways and means to do this. This group of ranchers was seriously worried that the American Quarter Horse, as it was known then, would become extinct. Much to the pleasure of most, the opposite was to happen which is that the breed became increasingly popular and well-known thanks to many events that truly led it to a much deserved Hall of Fame induction.

The AQHA now is a very important resource for the Quarter Horse industry and serves a great purpose. It is a place where one can visit to appreciate all the fine horses that have been inducted in the AQHA based on their outstanding feats. Young people can learn more about these horses and the many opportunities they have to get involved with them.

The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame has, over the years, collected many artifacts and pieces of art that contribute to keeping the memory of this horse alive as to when and how it fits in the old Wild West days.

Not only does the AQHA honour many of the horses that have made a name for themselves throughout the years, they also pay homage to the many humans who have become legends in the quarter horse industry.

Even those who are not into horses find this establishment to be impressive and intriguing.